Editorial for Binarysearch.io New Friends Solution

January 01, 2021

Problem statement

You are given n people represented as an integer from 0 to n - 1, and a list of friends tuples, where person friends[i][0] and person friends[i][1] are friends. Return whether everyone has at least one friend.

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Treat each person as an entry in a set. As we traverse the friends array remove elements from set that have friends. Return true if set is empty.

We initialize nodes as a set of n elements from [0, n)

For each friendship p1, p2 remove both p1 and p2 from the nodes set.

class Solution:
    def solve(self, n, friends):
        nodes = set([i for i in range(n)])
        for p1, p2 in friends:
            if p1 in nodes:
            if p2 in nodes:

        return len(nodes) == 0

Time complexity


Space complexity


Written by Ganesh Iyer A software engineer building platforms for leveraging artificial intelligence in healthcare.